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  • [Top Story]China says United States is wrong to pull out of nuclear arms pact10/22 21:00

    BEIJING (Reuters) - It is wrong of the United States to unilaterally pull out of a landmark Cold War-ear treaty that eliminated nuclear missiles from Europe, China said on Monday. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular news briefing that China was opposed to the withdrawal. On Sunday, President Donald Trump said Washington would withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, negotiated by then president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. .........Search More News

  • [Technology]UK supermarket Morrisons faces payouts in data leak10/22 15:50

    Britain's Court of Appeal says that supermarket chain Morrisons is liable for compensation claims for thousands of staff whose personal data was placed the internet by a rogue employee.......Search More News

  • [Gossip]Jerry Seinfeld reveals his favorite 'Seinfeld' memory with Julia Louis-Dreyfus10/22 15:50

    Jerry Seinfeld always had the best on-screen chemistry with close friend Julia Louis-Dreyfus.......Search More News

  • [Gossip]Cup Board Pro on 'Shark Tank': A Look Inside the Cutting Board - Heavy.com10/22 15:50

    Heavy.comCup Board Pro on 'Shark Tank': A Look Inside the Cutting BoardHeavy.comOn tonight's episode of Shark Tank, three siblings will honor their late father's legacy by bringing his invention, the Cup Board Pro, to the sharks. Keira, 15, Christian, 19, and Kaley Young, 25, will visit a panel of potential investors, and the ...'Shark Tank': Teary tribute to firefighter dad as surviving kids pitch his kitchen productUSA TODAYCup Board Pro Fireman's Cutting Board, Saddest 'Shark Tank' Pitch Ever2paragraphs.comall 25 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Jon Tester Is a Big Guy in Big Sky Country. He Hopes That’s Enough.10/22 15:50

    Once considered a favorite in the contest for his Senate seat in Montana, Mr. Tester is now at risk.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Siemens CEO Kaeser says he will not attend Saudi investment conference10/22 15:50

    Siemens's chief executive said on Monday he would not attend a three-day Future Investment Initiative conference in Saudi Arabia after the country admitted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi had been killed in its consulate in Istanbul. The German engineering giant was one of the last companies to decide against sending its top executive to the conference after Riyadh sought to cover up Khashoggi's Oct. 2 death before admitting to a "grave mistake". "Siemens is a reliable and committed partner of the kingdom and its VISION 2030.......Search More News

  • [Gossip]Kim Kardashian West on Kanye's support of Trump: 'I let him have his own views'10/22 15:40

    The business woman gets candid in new interview.......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Trump unveils his closing midterm message10/22 15:40

    President Trump fires up Republican voters with focused messaging on immigration, Kavanaugh, law and order; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.'......Search More News

  • [Headlines]'Wife Swap' son charged with murder of mom and younger brother in Ohio: report10/22 15:40

    Jacob Stockdale, who once appeared on the ABC series “Wife Swap” has been charged with two counts of murder for allegedly killing his mother and younger brother.......Search More News

  • [Business]Elon Musk tweets that The Boring Company's first tunnel is set to open December 10 - Business Insider10/22 15:40

    Business InsiderElon Musk tweets that The Boring Company's first tunnel is set to open December 10Business InsiderElon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said on Twitter on Sunday that his Boring Company, which aims to lower the cost of building high-speed transit tunnels, has almost completed its first tunnel. The tunnel will open on December 10, and reportedly ...Elon Musk announces opening date for California hyperloop test tunnelChicago TribuneElon Musk tweets a date for the opening of his first Los Angeles tunnelArs TechnicaElon Musk Says High-Speed Subway Test Tunnel Will Open December 10 in LAGizmodoFox Business -Mashable 165 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Sports]Rae Carruth's story isn't his release, but the son who has survived - SB Nation10/22 15:40

    SB NationRae Carruth's story isn't his release, but the son who has survivedSB NationRae Carruth's story is a horrifying chapter in NFL history. He was a largely ineffective receiver on a relatively new franchise team who had a woman murdered because she was carrying his child. Carruth's existence hangs over the city of Charlotte like ...Former Panthers WR Rae Carruth released from prisonESPNRae Carruth released from prison 17 years after conviction in murder of son's motherYahoo SportsRae Carruth leaves prison, fears the 'hate and negativity toward me'Washington PostUSA TODAY -New York Post -WSOC Charlotteall 321 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Top Story]From blackmailing princes to murdering journalists: how Saudi Arabia’s spy network has expanded under Mohammed bin Salman10/22 15:40

    Inside the Georgian mansion in Mayfair that houses Saudi Arabia’s embassy in London, two offices of Saudi intelligence operatives are busy at work.  The first office belongs to the General Intelligence Presidency, Saudi Arabia’s foreign intelligence agency. Its staff are engaged in the “normal” work of spies, meeting with MI6 to discuss Britain and Saudi Arabia’s shared fight against al-Qaeda or to swap secrets on Iran.  The second office has a darker purpose. There the staff of the Mabahith, Saudi Arabia’s secret police, are tracking people of interest inside the UK.  Its operatives are watching obvious targets like Saudi dissidents who have gone into exile in Britain, or London-based Islamists whose ideology is seen as a threat to Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy. But they are also keeping tabs on Arab businessmen and the decadent lives of Gulf royals living the UK. The Mabahith’s spies are especially interested in compromising material they can use as blackmail to further Riyadh’s interests.       “These guys gather the dirt and they hold it until directed,” said a former Saudi embassy employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They want to know who is sleeping with who, who is drinking and doing drugs, who is spending money they don’t have.”  Saudi spies and secret police work out of the kingdom's embassy in London Credit: Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images The set-up in the London embassy is replicated at Saudi diplomatic posts around the world, forming a vast web of spies watching the kingdom’s enemies and surveilling its own people.  While this apparatus has existed for years, it has become more aggressive and more violent under Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince, who controls the Saudi security services.  His ambition to silence critics abroad and stomp out political rivals at home has depended on a new ferocity in the intelligence agencies. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi is just the most extreme example.   “For many decades Saudi Arabia had a system in which the king sought to develop a policy consensus within the royal family, the clerical establishment, and the entrepreneur elite,” said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer who now heads the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institute.  “That has changed profoundly in the last few years. Instead of a consensual system they have moved to a very autocratic system, which relies much more on the intelligence services hounding out dissent at home and abroad.”  Maher Mutreb, a Saudi intelligence officer, was allegedly part of the squad that killed Mr Khashoggi Credit: Sabah via AP  Mr Khashoggi was no stranger to the craft of the secret police or how its methods changed over time. In the mid-2000s he worked at the Saudi embassy in London as an advisor to the ambassador, Prince Turki bin Faisal. The prince was Saudi Arabia’s spy chief before moving to the UK.   One of Mr Khashoggi’s embassy colleagues was Maher Mutreb, a Saudi intelligence officer stationed in London. Mr Mutreb is now under arrest in Saudi Arabia as part of the 15-man squad accused of Mr Khashoggi’s murder.    In his Washington Post column, Mr Khashoggi noted the aggression of Saud al-Qahtani, a senior aide to Crown Prince Mohammed who was sacked over the weekend amid the fallout out of the killing. The prince’s aide made no secret of his hatred for dissidents and once asked his 1.35 million Twitter followers to give him names for a blacklist. Mr Khashoggi pointed to the tweet as an example of how unrestrained Saudi repression had become in the last two years. “Writers like me, whose criticism is offered respectfully, seem to be considered more dangerous than the more strident Saudi opposition based in London.”  Saudi Arabia’s spies have always focused on the UK, which has given safe harbour to many Saudi dissidents as well as Islamists and anti-monarchists from across the Middle East.  One of their targets has been Sa’ad al-Faqih, the leader of Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, a UK-based Saudi opposition group that campaigns to replace with the royal family with an Islamic government. Saad al-Faqih, a Saudi dissident based in London, has been a target for Saudi intelligence Credit: AP Photo/Richard Lewis Dr Faqih was attacked at his home in Willesden Green, northwest London, in June 2003 by two men who he said claimed to be plumbers. They tried to spray chemicals in his face and then attacked him with a spanner but he was able to fight them off.  He believes the two white men were British gangsters hired by Saudi Arabia to kidnap him, a claim that the kingdom has always denied.   Dr Faqih has not faced any more physical attacks since 2003. But he has felt a heightened threat since Crown Prince Mohammed began to gather power three years ago and he started taking new security precautions. “We feel extra danger because we know that this boy is reckless and impulsive,” he said.  Saudi dissidents were rattled by an incident in August this year on the pavement outside Harrods in central London. Ghanem al-Masarir, a popular Saudi political satirist who often mocks Crown Prince Mohammed, was confronted and attacked by two Saudi men.  يا شين المهايط فـ الخلا ما يحمّس يبربر على اسياده .. ولا احدٍ درا به ٰ سلامي على يـدٍ عطته ( المخمّس ) هذي اصغر ردود السعودي والاجابه��������#جلد_الكلب_غانم_الدوسري— بيع قصايد جزله .. (@Be3_600) September 9, 2018 “They were shouting about the king and Mohammed bin Salman and they said: ‘how dare you insult al-Saud?’” Mr Dosari said. He is convinced that the men were put up to the attack by Saudi intelligence.  “I don’t think they were trying to kill me or kidnap me but they wanted to insult me and to send a message that I was not safe where I was,” he said. Video footage of the attack was widely shared by pro-Saudi Twitter accounts under a hashtag celebrating the attack. The Saudi embassy in London did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story. Saudi Arabia insists that Mr Khashoggi's death was the result of "a rogue operation" which was not ordered by the government.   Before the killing in Istanbul made global headlines, the starkest example of the Saudi intelligence's new aggression was an apparent campaign to kidnap rebel princes in Europe and bring them back to Saudi Arabia.  According to the BBC, three princes who had fallen out with the royal family have been captured since 2015. One, Prince Sultan bin Turki, a grandson of King Abdulaziz, accepted a flight on a Saudi government private jet from Paris to Cairo in January 2016.     The prince went to sleep on the flight and when he awoke he realised the jet was in fact heading Saudi Arabia. He was dragged off the plane by Saudi agents and is believed to be under house arrest to this day.  Saudi dissidents joke darkly that Mr Khashoggi’s death probably means they are safer now than they have been in years because Riyadh will be unwilling to risk another international scandal. But none believe the danger has fully passed.  Over the weekend, King Salman ordered his ministers to prepare reforms of the Saudi intelligence services to prevent another incident like Mr Khashoggi’s death. No one should expect sweeping changes: the head of the reform committee is none other Crown Prince Mohammed himself. ......Search More News

  • [World News]Thomas Markle Found Out About Meghan Markle's Baby News From The Radio10/22 15:40

    Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle's father, said he found out his daughter and......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Jose Mourinho: Man Utd boss escapes punishment for fracas after Chelsea match10/22 15:31

    Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho will not be punished for his part in the stoppage-time fracas at Chelsea but Blues coach Marco Ianni is charged.......Search More News

  • [World News]Saudi phone calls, 'body double' after Khashoggi killing10/22 15:30

    Surveillance video said to show man in Khashoggi's clothes leaving Saudi Consulate in Istanbul after his killing there......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Attacker who assassinated 2 Afghan officials, wounded US general was ‘directed by the Taliban,’ US military says10/22 15:30

    An attacker who reportedly assassinated two senior Afghan provincial officials and wounded a U.S. general inside the provincial governor’s compound in Kandahar city was “resourced and directed by the Taliban,” A U.S. military spokesman said on Monday.    ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Geoffrey Rush tells judge his 'blood ran cold' when he heard sexual misconduct allegations10/22 15:30

    Geoffrey Rush got the chance to tell a judge about the negative impact he’s felt after newspaper articles came out accusing him of acting inappropriately toward a female co-star during a 2015 production of “King Lear.”......Search More News

  • [Gossip]Kim Kardashian says Kanye West’s support of Trump helped free Alice Johnson10/22 15:30

    Kim Kardashian said she believes Alice Marie Johnson would still be in prison if her husband Kanye West was not a vocal supporter of President Trump.......Search More News

  • [Gossip]Loretta Lynn recovering after illness sent her to hospital10/22 15:30

    Loretta Lynn says she is doing better after a brief hospital visit to treat an illness that kept her from attending a CMT tribute to her and other female country artists.......Search More News

  • [National]Rising rates, slowing home sales expected to hurt remodelers10/22 15:30

    General contractors and other small businesses in the home remodeling industry can expect revenue to slow in 2019, the result of rising mortgage rates and sluggish home sales.......Search More News

  • [Gossip]'Shark Tank' stars back late 9/11 firefighter's idea pitched by kids10/22 15:30

    The sharks on "Shark Tank" are supporting an invention created by a New York City firefighter who died of cancer after helping clean up the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.......Search More News

  • [World News]Brazil's Haddad: Democracy at risk if Bolsonaro elected president10/22 15:30

    Brazil's left-leaning presidential candidate Fernando Haddad said on Monday that the country's democracy will be at risk if his far-right rival, Jair Bolsonaro, is elected in this weekend's run-off ballot, as opinion polls indicate he will. ......Search More News

  • [World News]US envoy to Syria visits northern town of Manbij10/22 15:21

    A Kurdish official says the U.S. Special Representative for Syria has visited the northern town of Manbij where U.S. and Turkish troops could begin conducting joint patrols in the coming days......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Jose Mourinho: Manchester United manager wants to 'see out' contract at club10/22 15:21

    Jose Mourinho says he is "happy" at Manchester United and wants to "see out" his contract at the club after being linked with a return to Real Madrid.......Search More News

  • [Technology]Battle of the video speakers: Amazon Echo Show vs. Google Home Hub - USA TODAY10/22 15:20

    USA TODAYBattle of the video speakers: Amazon Echo Show vs. Google Home HubUSA TODAYMANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — The battle of the video speakers begins in earnest today. Google officially released the Home Hub, a $149 digital photo frame, YouTube video player, and visual recipe reciter (among other things) that looks to take on the ...Google Home Hub supports Duo calls, but the recipient will only see your profile picAndroid PoliceGoogle Home Hub review: the best digital photo frameThe VergeGoogle Home Hub review—Awesome hardware for Google's nascent smart display softwareArs TechnicaTechCrunch -Engadget -Gizmodo -BGRall 46 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Man Pulls Off Surprise Proposal at Tennessee Football Stadium10/22 15:20

    He wanted to propose at a place that had special meaning for his wife-to-be.......Search More News

  • [World News]Israel says it finds Hezbollah outpost on Lebanon border10/22 15:11

    The Israeli military says it has uncovered a militant outpost on the Lebanese border that Hezbollah guerrillas have set up under the guise of an environmental advocacy group......Search More News

  • [World News]The Latest: Willa becomes Category 5 storm off Mexico10/22 15:11

    The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Willa has grown into a potentially catastrophic Category 5 storm on a track toward the Mexican coast south of Mazatlan......Search More News

  • [Technology]Google Home Hub supports Duo calls, but the recipient will only see your profile pic - Android Police10/22 15:10

    Android PoliceGoogle Home Hub supports Duo calls, but the recipient will only see your profile picAndroid PoliceWhen the Google Home Hub leaks first started, everyone was miffed by the absence of a front-facing camera for Duo calls. Later, with the device's official announcement, those leaks were proven to be true, and Google explained that it chose to skip the ...Google Home Hub review: the best digital photo frameThe VergeBattle of the video speakers: Amazon Echo Show vs. Google Home WXIAGoogle Home Hub review—Awesome hardware for Google's nascent smart display softwareArs TechnicaTechCrunch -Engadget -Gizmodo -BGRall 46 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Top Story]US probe widens after 63 fetuses found at funeral home10/22 15:10

    Police in the US city of Detroit have found 63 fetuses at a funeral home during a widening investigation of alleged malpractice at such facilities, US media reported. "This is larger than we might know," The Detroit News quoted Police Chief James Craig as saying. Michigan state regulators suspended the home's license, a week after investigators found the remains of 10 fetuses in a false ceiling at another funeral home in the city.......Search More News