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  • Explosion kills 36 near Syrian-Turkish border - detail search -

  • [Top Story]US Official: 'End days' nearing for Islamic State in Syria12/16 08:40

    BEIRUT (AP) — Fighting against the Islamic State group in its last enclave in eastern Syria "is going very well," a U.S. official said Saturday as U.S.-backed Syrian fighters battled the extremists on the edge of the largest urban area they still hold.......Search More News

  • [World News]Bus crash in snowy Serbia kills 3, injures 3212/16 08:20

    Serbian police say a bus has skidded and overturned in wintry weather killing three people and injuring 32......Search More News

  • [World News]Pakistan summons Iran envoy over militant attack near border12/16 07:50

    Pakistan has lodged a protest with Iran over the killing of six paramilitary troops who were ambushed by militants while patrolling the border......Search More News

  • [Top Story]7-year-old migrant child dies in Border Patrol custody12/16 07:40

    Officials say the child had seizures after she and her father were detained for illegally crossing into the U.S.; Jonathan Hunt reports from Los Angeles.......Search More News

  • [World News]Erdogan, Trump agree 'more effective' coordination on Syria12/16 07:00

    Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his US counterpart Donald Trump agreed Friday to "more effective coordination" between their countries' operations in Syria, according to Turkish presidential sources, after Ankara threatened to launch a new offensive in the war-torn nation. The two leaders spoke by telephone and "agreed to ensure more effective cooperation on the subject of Syria", according to the source. The conversation came after Erdogan on Wednesday warned Turkey was planning to launch a new operation within the "next few days" against the US-backed Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia in northern Syria.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Twitter erupts after bad game of telephone kills Wizards-Suns-Grizzlies trade - Yahoo Sports12/16 06:50

    Twitter erupts after bad game of telephone kills Wizards-Suns-Grizzlies trade  Yahoo SportsThe Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies seemed to have a trade put together. And then they didn't, which caused Twitter to erupt in ...View full coverage on Google News......Search More News

  • [Top Story]U.S.-led coalition destroys Syrian mosque used as ISIS command center - Reuters12/16 06:50

    U.S.-led coalition destroys Syrian mosque used as ISIS command center  ReutersThe U.S.-led coalition in Syria destroyed on Saturday a mosque in the town of Hajin which had been used as an Islamic State command and control center, the ...View full coverage on Google News......Search More News

  • [World News]Coal mine accident in southwestern China kills seven: Xinhua12/16 06:40

    A coal mine accident in China's southwestern city of Chongqing killed seven workers and injured three, state-owned Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday. ......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Family Of Migrant Girl Disputes U.S. Officials' Story Of Her Death - HuffPost12/16 06:10

    Family Of Migrant Girl Disputes U.S. Officials' Story Of Her Death  HuffPostThe family of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in U.S. Border Patrol custody is disputing an account from U.S. officials who said she had not been given .........Search More News

  • [World News]Turks Fleeing Erdogan Fuel New Influx of Refugees to Greece12/16 06:00

    The flow of asylum seekers crossing the Greek-Turkish border at the Evros river is rising for the first time since 2015 as Turks flee President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s dragnet against real or imagined followers of cleric Fethullah Gulen. ......Search More News

  • [World News]'If He's Hiding, I Will Find Him.' One Man's Hunt for the Militants Who Killed His Father12/16 05:30

    Ahmad Sawadi works with other Syrian exiles to track the whereabouts of defeated Islamic State leaders seeking an escape to Turkey and Europe. ......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Migrant girl's relatives dispute official story on her death - Fox News12/16 04:50

    Migrant girl's relatives dispute official story on her death  Fox NewsThe family of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in U.S. Border Patrol custody is disputing an account from U.S. officials who said she had not been given .........Search More News

  • [World News]Father of Guatemalan girl who died in US custody has 'no complaints' about her treatment, consul says12/16 04:40

    The father of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died after being detained by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) said he has "no complaints about how Border Patrol agents treated him and his daughter," Guatemalan Consul Tekandi Paniagua told CNN on Saturday.......Search More News

  • [World News]Inside the threatened Kurdish proto-state that holds the keys to defeating Isil12/16 04:30

    On one end of Qamishli’s main street flies the two-starred Syrian national flag. On the other, that of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party. “One flag represents our past oppression, the other our freedom,” says Mahmoud, who owns a clothing shop which sits between the two.   Before the civil war, it would have been unthinkable for the Kurdish minority to openly pledge allegiance to anything other than the President Bashar al-Assad's Syrian Arab Republic. But seven years into Syria's interminable conflict the Kurds appear to have carved out something of a proto-state in this corner of northeastern Syria, thanks in part to their efforts to flush out Isil. While they have been crushing the Caliphate to a tiny sliver of territory - taking the last town held by the Islamist on Friday morning - their separatist ambitions have largely been overlooked. Until now. Kurdish-held northern Syria The city of Qamishli has become the centre of the Kurds’ ambitious self-administration project. While a few government buildings and statues of President Assad remain, Qamishli and the surrounding areas are now firmly under the control of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Mahmoud is a proud supporter of the PYD, but still he declines to give his full name to the Telegraph for fear of reprisal should the regime one day return. Assad has repeatedly promised to retake every inch of Syria, including the third currently in Kurdish hands. The prospect looked more likely than at any other time in the war this week after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered Turkish troops and Ankara-backed Syrian rebels to ready for an assault on Syria’s Kurds. Turkey views the PYD’s military arm, the Popular Protection Units (YPG), as a terrorist organisation because of its links to an insurgent group inside Turkey, and has watched with growing concern at Kurdish expansionism on the other side of its border. In recent years, Turkish forces have already swept into Syria pushing the YPG out of territory west of the Euphrates river. But past offensives have stopped at its banks, partly to avoid direct confrontation with US troops that back the Kurds. "Turkey has lost enough time in terms of intervening to clean the terror swamp east of the Euphrates. We don't have the patience to wait one more day," Mr Erdogan warned on Friday. Men queue up to buy bread outside a bakery on the outskirts of Qamishli Credit: Sam Tarling The Kurds, who have so far relied on the US for support in their battles against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), have threatened to abandon the fight if they are left to fend for themselves in the face of a Turkish onslaught. But Washington has sent mixed signals on whether it would be behind them in any fight against Nato ally Turkey. “We don’t rely on any government, we just have strategic alliances,” Salih Muslim, a prominent political player in Rojava who until recently co-chaired the PYD, told the Sunday Telegraph. “The Kurds have expected a move from Turkey for a while now and will not easily back down.” Whatever they might say, it is clear is that the Kurds cannot stave off Turkish aggression alone. In the absence of a reliable ally in the US, they may soon be forced to decide whether to risk their chances, or eek out an unfavourable deal with Assad to secure long-term survival. “We have to take Assad at his word,” Khalaf Dahowd, head of the foreign committee of the Democratic Change Movement, told the Sunday Telegraph from his office in Qamishli, refering to the president's pledge to take back all Syria's territory. “If he gets the chance to take Rojava he will,” said Mr Dahowd, using the Kurdish name for the area of self-rule which covers some 15,000 square miles. A convoy of American Special Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces fighters makes a stop during a patrol near the Turkish border in northern Syria Credit:  Sam Tarling “Even when he was at his weakest point, before Russia intervened and it looked like he was going to lose everything, Assad refused to work with the Kurds,” he said. “Now he is winning, and as the saying goes - the winner takes all.” Kurdish officials who were part of the first delegation to Damascus over the summer say the Syrian government was not prepared to make a single concession. Despite this, the Kurds - who are just about the only side in the multi-faceted war not to have had a full-scale military conflict with the regime - still hold out hope for a political solution. The Kurds, who number more than two million in Syria, have made great sacrifices for their “democratic experiment”, as they call their pseudo-state in the north. Islamic State losing its grip on Syria The YPG has suffered considerable losses in the battles against Isil in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in the east. Officials estimate up to 8,000 fighters have been killed and 5,000 injured. Fierce battles are still ongoing for the last sliver of jihadist territory in Deir Ezzor. At least 5,000 IS fighters remain holed up in the pocket of territory, including some 2,000 foreign fighters, mostly Arabs and Europeans along with their families. The YPG has also made significant gains, including control of the country’s borders with Turkey and Iraq, its most lucrative oil fields and the freedom to once again speak their native language after decades of repression. “There are basic things we cannot give up; we need our democratic rights and our culture and language to be protected,” said Fawza al-Youssef, the co-chair of the executive body of the North Syria Federation. “But there are other things that are negotiable.” Mahmoud Mohammad Serhan, 59, a a retired trader who now keeps a farm, gets a cutthroat shave at a barber shop in Qamishli Credit:  Sam Tarling Relinquishing control of the borders and folding the YPG, into the national army, would be among the demands she says the self-administration would consider in return for a decentralisation of government. It would also be willing to do a deal on the oil fields in eastern Deir Ezzor province, which account for more than 80 per cent of the country’s pre-war production and currently lie within their control. “We aren’t saying all of this is rightfully ours, but the people here should benefit,” Ms Youssef said.  The next few days will prove pivotal for the Kurds as they face the greatest existential threat to their autonomy project since the war began. “We can’t go back to where were were before 2011, when we had nothing,” said Ms Youssef. “We have not fought this hard for it all to be destroyed.”......Search More News

  • [World News]A 7-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Died After She Was Detained by Border Patrol12/16 03:20

    A seven-year-old girl who crossed the border from Mexico into the United States with her father has died.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Young girl’s death in Border Patrol custody leaves questions unanswered12/16 03:20

    The Department of Homeland Security has opened an investigation into the death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl, Jackeline Caal, who reached the United States last week. She was apprehended with her father by Border Patrol agents in a group of more than 150 people at a remote area of the desert in New Mexico, renewing questions about the detention and treatment of migrants.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Stephen Miller weighs in on border wall fight12/16 03:00

    President Trump not backing down in fight for border wall funding; White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller reacts.......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Father of Migrant Girl Who Died in U.S. Custody Disputes Border Patrol Account12/16 02:40

    The father of Jakelin Caal Maquin said his daughter was healthy before they were detained by the authorities in the New Mexico desert this month.......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Guatemalan girl's dad: she was healthy, well-hydrated before death at border12/16 02:00

    A young Guatemalan girl who died after she and her father were detained by U.S. border agents was in no medical distress when they arrived and had received adequate food and water on their journey, relatives said on Saturday through representatives in Texas. ......Search More News

  • [World News]Family of dead migrant girl says she was healthy before being detained at US border12/16 02:00

    The family of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in US Border Patrol custody is disputing an account from American officials who said she had not been given food or water for days. In a statement released by lawyers, the parents of Jakelin Caal said the girl had been given food and water and appeared to be in good health as she travelled through Mexico with her father, 29-year-old Nery Gilberto Caal Cuz. Border Patrol officials did not immediately respond to the family's comments. The family's statement was released on Saturday during a news conference in El Paso, Texas, at an immigrant shelter where Jakelin's father is staying. Her family did not attend and has asked for privacy. Jakelin and her father were seeking asylum in the US and were among a large group of migrants arrested on December 6 near a remote border crossing in New Mexico. Hours later they were placed on a bus to the nearest Border Patrol station, but Jakelin began vomiting and eventually stopped breathing. She later died at a Texas hospital. Border Patrol officials on Friday said agents did everything they could to save the girl but that she had not had food or water for days. They added that an initial screening showed no evidence of health problems, and that her father had signed a form indicating she was in good health. Claudia Maquin, 27, shows a photo of her daughter, Jakelin, at her home in Raxruha, Guatemala  Credit: Oliver de Ros/AP But the family took issue with that form, which was in English, a language her father doesn't speak or read. He communicated with border agents in Spanish but he primarily speaks the Mayan Q'eqchi' language. "It is unacceptable for any government agency to have persons in custody sign documents in a language that they clearly do not understand," the statement said. Jakelin's family is urging authorities to conduct an "objective and thorough" investigation into the death and to determine whether officials met standards for the arrest and custody of children. A cause of death has not yet been released. A private prayer service was held in Texas on Friday so her father could see Jakelin's body before it is taken to Guatemala, said Ruben Garcia, director of the Annunciation House shelter where her father is staying. "All of us were moved by the depth of his faith and his trust that God's hand is in all of this," Garcia said. Family members in Guatemala said Caal decided to migrate with his favorite child to earn money he could send back home. Jakelin's mother and three siblings remained in San Antonio Secortez, a village of about 420 inhabitants. ......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Kanye West Talks Ariana Grande, Drake, Travis Scott & More In New Twitter Explosion - SOHH12/16 01:50

    Kanye West Talks Ariana Grande, Drake, Travis Scott & More In New Twitter Explosion  SOHH'SNL' star Pete Davidson accounted for after alarming Instagram post: report  Fox NewsPete Davidson Says He Doesn't 'Want to Be on This Earth Anymore' and Deletes His Instagram  PEOPLE.comPete Davidson Sends a Cry for Help: I Really Don't Want to Be on This Earth Anymore  E! NEWSThe Mother of Drake's Baby Just Jumped into His Feud with Kanye West  Cosmopolitan.comView full coverage on Google News......Search More News

  • [World News]Family of girl, 7, who died in border custody calls for 'thorough' investigation12/16 01:20

    Jakelin Caal Maquin's family called her a "beautiful and loving" child.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Trump administration says 'walls work.' Here's what a full view of the border shows12/16 01:00

    President Donald Trump once reviled existing border fences and promised a 'great wall'; his administration now claims fences are walls. What changed?......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Family of migrant girl disputes official story on her death - Fox News12/16 00:50

    Family of migrant girl disputes official story on her death  Fox NewsLawyers for the family of a 7-year-old girl who died while in U.S. Border Patrol custody say she did not suffer from a lack of food or water before being picked up ...View full coverage on Google News......Search More News

  • [World News]Rescue helicopter crashes in Portugal, four feared dead12/16 00:10

    A medical helicopter crashed in a mountainous area near Porto, Portugal's second biggest city, with all four onboard feared dead, local media and the country's INEM emergency service reported on Saturday. ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Asbestos Opens New Legal Front in Battle Over Johnson’s Baby Powder12/15 15:40

    Johnson & Johnson says its product is safe. But asbestos, a carcinogen that can exist underground near talc, was a concern inside the company for decades.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]The final hours of the 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in Border Patrol custody - CNN12/15 15:30

    The final hours of the 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in Border Patrol custody  CNNMigrant caravan: US to investigate after child dies in custody at border  BBC News7-Year-Old Guatemalan Girl Dies In Border Patrol Custody | NBC Nightly News  NBC NewsDems demand probe into death of 7-year-old in DHS custody | TheHill  The Hill7-year-old migrant girl dies in U.S. Border Patrol custody  CBS NewsView full coverage on Google News......Search More News

  • [World News]The Latest: Migrant girl's death raises questions12/15 14:20

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the death of a 7-year-old migrant girl picked up along the U.S.-Mexico border (all times local):......Search More News

  • [Business]AP FACT CHECK: Trump floats fictions about the border12/15 13:50

    President Donald Trump's relationship with the truth tends to be borderline, at best, when it comes to the border. On another front, Trump tried to cast doubt on whether his former national security adviser had lied to the FBI even after the aide pleaded guilty to doing just that.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]7-Year-Old in Good Health, Border Agents Said; Then She Died - Snopes.com12/15 13:20

    7-Year-Old in Good Health, Border Agents Said; Then She Died  Snopes.com7-Year-Old Guatemalan Girl Dies In Border Patrol Custody | NBC Nightly News  NBC NewsMigrant caravan: US to investigate after child dies in custody at border  BBC NewsTrump administration not to blame for ‘tragic’ death of 7-year-old girl in Border Patrol custody, White House says  The Washington PostKirstjen Nielsen blames family of seven-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody  SalonView full coverage on Google News......Search More News