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  • [Top Story]U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles09/21 18:20

    In Beijing, the Chinese government expressed anger and demanded the sanctions be withdrawn. The U.S. State Department said it would immediately impose sanctions on China's Equipment Development Department (EDD), the military branch responsible for weapons and equipment, and its director, Li Shangfu, for engaging in "significant transactions" with Rosoboronexport, Russia's main arms exporter. The sanctions are related to China's purchase of 10 SU-35 combat aircraft in 2017 and S-400 surface-to-air missile system-related equipment in 2018, the State Department said.......Search More News

  • [World News]Fulfilling a dream, South Korea's Moon visits sacred North Korean mountain with Kim09/21 16:40

    After the two leaders pledged new steps aimed at salvaging nuclear talks on Wednesday, Moon and Kim decided to use the final day of their three-day summit to go up the symbolic mountain on the Chinese border together. Moon is known for his love of mountain climbing and has trekked in the Himalayas at least twice. The president has long stated that visiting Mount Paektu, which can also be spelled Baekdu in the South and is known as Changbai in China, was a "long unfulfilled dream".......Search More News

  • [Technology]Twitch Has Been Blocked in China - PlayStation LifeStyle09/21 15:50

    PlayStation LifeStyleTwitch Has Been Blocked in ChinaPlayStation LifeStyleTwitch, the most popular live streaming service in the world, has just been reportedly blocked in China under nebulous circumstances. This all happened after it skyrocketed in popularity, becoming the third most-downloaded app in the country. The move ...China blocks Twitch game-streaming serviceBBC NewsTwitch has been blocked in China; website and app now unavailableShacknewsTwitch is now blocked in ChinaThe VergeValueWalk -Business Insider -TNW -MyBroadbandall 103 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Top Story]China tells US to withdraw Russia sanctions or 'bear the consequences'09/21 15:40

    The Chinese government has called on the US to “correct the mistake” and withdraw new sanctions on the Chinese military over deals with Russia or “bear responsibility for the consequences”. The Trump administration imposed sanctions on the Chinese military on Thursday for buying fighter jets and missile systems from Russia, in breach of a sweeping US sanctions law punishing Moscow for meddling in the 2016 US election. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said: “China expresses strong indignation at these unreasonable actions by the US side and has already lodged stern representations.”  Speaking to reporters in Beijing, he said the move seriously harmed bilateral relations and military ties.  “We strongly urge the US side to immediately correct the mistake and rescind the so-called sanctions, otherwise the US side will necessarily bear responsibility for the consequences,” he said, without giving details. China has “normal” military exchanges and cooperation with Russia, aimed at protecting regional peace and stability, which is not against international law or aimed at any third party, Geng added. China will continue to work with Russia to promote strategic cooperation at an even higher level, he said. The US State Department said on Thursday it would immediately impose sanctions on China’s Equipment Development Department (EDD), the military branch responsible for weapons and equipment, and its director, Li Shangfu, for engaging in “significant transactions” with Rosoboronexport, Russia’s main arms exporter. The sanctions are related to China’s purchase of 10 SU-35 combat aircraft in 2017 and S-400 surface-to-air missile system-related equipment in 2018, the State Department said. They block the Chinese agency, and Li, from applying for export licenses and participating in the US financial system. It also adds them to the Treasury Department’s list of specially-designated individuals with whom Americans are barred from doing business. The US also blacklisted another 33 people and entities associated with the Russian military and intelligence, adding them to a list under the 2017 law, known as the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, or CAATSA. CAATSA also seeks to punish Russia for its aggression in Ukraine and involvement in Syria’s civil war. At a glance | Sanctions against Russia Doing significant business with anyone on the US blacklist can trigger sanctions like those imposed on China. Some of those added to the list, which now contains 72 names, were indicted in connection with Russian interference in the 2016 US election, a US official said. President Donald Trump on Thursday issued an executive order intended to facilitate implementation of the sanctions. A federal special counsel is leading a criminal investigation of Russian interference in the US election, and any possible cooperation with Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump has insisted there was no collusion with Russia. Moscow denies any effort to meddle in US politics. One US administration official, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, said the sanctions imposed on the Chinese agency were aimed at Moscow, not Beijing or its military, despite an escalating trade war between the United States and China. “The ultimate target of these sanctions is Russia. CAATSA sanctions in this context are not intended to undermine the defense capabilities of any particular country,” the official told reporters on a conference call. “They are instead aimed at imposing costs upon Russia in response to its malign activities,” the official said. In Moscow, Russian member of parliament Franz Klintsevich said the sanctions would not affect the S-400 and SU-35 deals. “I am sure that these contracts will be executed in line with the schedule,” Klintsevich was quoted as saying by Russia’s Interfax news agency. “The possession of this military equipment is very important for China.” Security analysts in Asia said the move was largely symbolic and would only push Moscow and Beijing closer together. “The imposition of US sanctions will have zero impact on Russian arms sales to China,” said Ian Storey, of Singapore’s ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute. “Both countries are opposed to what they see as US bullying and these kind of actions will just push Beijing and Moscow even closer together,” he said, adding that Moscow needed Chinese money and Beijing wanted advanced military technology. Collin Koh, a security analyst at Singapore’s S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, said the sanctions would do little to counter the evolving research and development relationship between China and Russia. China relies less on large big-ticket purchases from Russia, but Chinese defence industries are seeking expertise from Russia and former-Soviet states to plug knowledge gaps, he said. The Trump administration is pursuing strategies to clamp down on China and faces growing pressure to respond strongly to US intelligence agency reports that Russia is continuing to meddle in US politics. Members of Congress, including many of Trump’s fellow Republicans, who passed the sanctions bill nearly unanimously, have repeatedly called on the administration to take a harder line against Moscow. Administration officials said they hoped the action against EDD would send a message to others considering buying the S-400. US officials have been discussing the issue particularly with NATO ally Turkey, which wants to buy the Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries. Washington has expressed concern that Turkey’s planned deployment of the S-400s could pose a risk to the security of some US-made weapons and other technology used by Turkey, including the F-35 fighter jet. US officials have warned that Turkey's purchase of the system could contravene CAATSA. “We hope that at least this step will send a signal of our seriousness and perhaps encourage others to think twice about their own engagement with the Russian defense and intelligence sectors,” another US official said. ......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Republican makes 'disgusting' joke about Abraham Lincoln groping Ruth Bader Ginsburg at debate09/21 15:40

    A South Carolina Republican has been branded "disgusting" after he kicked-off an election debate with a joke that mocked sexual assault allegations brought against Brett Kavanaugh. “Did y’all hear this latest late-breaking news on the Kavanaugh hearings?” Ralph Norman asked the crowd at a Thursday night debate in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The controversial remarks arrived as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to hear allegations Christine Blasey Ford has brought against Mr Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee she says sexually assaulted her while the two were teenagers.......Search More News

  • [Technology]Good rhino news in South Africa, where killing rate drops09/21 14:50

    Good rhino news in South Africa, where killing rate drops after years of record numbers......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Florence evacuees return as others brace for more flooding09/21 14:40

    New evacuations are being ordered as the crisis from Hurricane Florence slowly moves to South Carolina along with the trillions of gallons of water dumped by the storm......Search More News

  • [Technology]China blocks Twitch game-streaming service - BBC News09/21 14:40

    BBC NewsChina blocks Twitch game-streaming serviceBBC NewsVideo game-streaming service Twitch has been blocked in China. Since 20 September, Twitch's website has been unreachable from the country and its app has been removed from the local Apple App Store. Twitch has confirmed that it is being blocked but it ...Twitch Appears To Have Been Blocked In ChinaUbergizmoTwitch has been blocked in ChinaVG247Twitch is now blocked in ChinaThe VergeValueWalk -Business Insider -TNW -Engadgetall 91 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World News]Women die in flooded van driven by South Carolina deputies09/21 14:40

    Deputies taking two women to a mental health facility drove into floodwaters that engulfed their van and trapped the women inside, officials said.......Search More News

  • [Technology]Twitch Gets Officially Blocked In China - GearNuke09/21 14:30

    CNETTwitch Gets Officially Blocked In ChinaGearNukeChina is rather strict when it comes to online services however Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, was still up and running there until recently when it has been officially blocked by the government. The move towards blocking Twitch is surprising to see ...Twitch Appears To Have Been Blocked In ChinaUbergizmoChina blocks Twitch game-streaming serviceBBC NewsTwitch has been blocked in ChinaVG247The Verge -ValueWalk -Business Insider -TNWall 88 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World News]China treats Uighur kids as 'orphans' after parents seized09/21 14:20

    In China's far west, authorities are distancing Muslim children from their families by putting them in dozens of orphanages and boarding schools......Search More News

  • [World]China warns US to withdraw sanctions or 'bear the consequences' - NBCNews.com09/21 14:00

    NBCNews.comChina warns US to withdraw sanctions or 'bear the consequences'NBCNews.comWithdraw the sanctions or "bear the consequences." That was the unnervingly vague ultimatum that China leveled at the Trump administration Friday, after Beijing was punished for buying Russian arms. Since December, Russia has delivered 10 Sukhoi ...US imposes sanctions on China's military procurement branchIHS Jane's 360US Sanctions China for Buying Russian ArmsNational ReviewUnited States Places Sanctions Against Chinese Military Firm For Buying Russian JetsThe InquisitrWashington Examiner -Financial Times -Wall Street Journal 1,526 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World News]China, Vatican to Sign Agreement Over Bishops09/21 14:00

    China and the Vatican are set to sign a landmark agreement ending a long struggle between Beijing’s Communist rulers and the pope over who controls Catholicism in the world’s most populous country.......Search More News

  • [World News]World trade body to rule on US, China anti-dumping spat09/21 13:40

    A World Trade Organization arbitrator will step into a years-old dispute brought by China over U.S. anti-dumping measures......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Moon's nuclear diplomacy a 'dangerous gamble': analysts09/21 13:40

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in has embarked on a "dangerous gamble", analysts said, after he secured only minimal concessions from Kim Jong Un to reboot the North's nuclear negotiations with Washington. Moon flew to Pyongyang this week for his third summit with Kim seeking a concrete gesture to rekindle the stalled denuclearisation talks between the United States and the North.......Search More News

  • [Business]Wall Street to inch higher as oil gains09/21 13:21

    Higher oil prices looked set to help U.S. stock markets add to a week of gains on Friday as concern about a U.S.-China trade war moved further into the background. ......Search More News

  • [World News]Energy Gets a Reprieve in China's Latest Tariffs09/21 13:20

    In the U.S.-China trade battle that’s targeted everything from soybeans to SUVs, energy has gotten off somewhat easy. ......Search More News

  • [World News]In Korea, World's Scariest Border to Become Less Scary09/21 13:20

    North and South Korea plan to scale down military forces along their border under an agreement that has fanned concerns about compromises to battle-readiness.......Search More News

  • [World News]CCTV shows hillside collapse in Philippines landslide09/21 13:00

    A landslide in the Philippines has killed more than 20 people, reducing hillside homes to rubble.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Vintage Stonehenge photos recreated09/21 13:00

    The ancient monument of Stonehenge has entranced and intrigued visitors to England for thousands of years. You may no longer be able to get close enough to clamber over the stones, but it's still a national icon and a universally recognized symbol of Britain. ......Search More News

  • [World]"Outraged" China and Russia warn US of "consequences" for sanctions - CBS News09/21 13:00

    CBS News"Outraged" China and Russia warn US of "consequences" for sanctionsCBS NewsBEIJING -- China said Friday it was "outraged" over U.S. economic sanctions against a Chinese military agency and its director over the purchase of Russian fighter jets and surface-to-air missile equipment. China's foreign ministry demanded the U.S ...US imposes sanctions on China's military procurement branchIHS Jane's 360US sanctions China over arms deals with RussiaWashington ExaminerUS sanctions Chinese military for buying Russian armsFinancial TimesWall Street Journal -Politico -Aljazeera.comall 1,464 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World News]BlackRock's Fink: U.S. a short-term 'big winner' in China trade war09/21 13:00

    Fink, speaking at Yahoo Finance's second annual "All Markets Summit," said the United States is currently the dominant force in the trade war because U.S. companies are benefiting from the strong dollar. In the long term, however, trade tensions will hurt the United States as they are leading more non-American companies to expand their business ties with China, Fink said.......Search More News

  • [World News]Trump pledges '100%' support during post-Florence visit to North Carolina09/21 13:00

    Donald Trump greets residents while on a tour of Hurricane Florence recovery efforts in New Bern, North Carolina. Donald Trump has promised that North and South Carolina will receive strong federal support as they recover from the devastation of Hurricane Florence, whose floodwaters continue to threaten the region. “We’re going to be there 100%,” Trump told officials at a briefing shortly after arriving at the Marine Corps air station Cherry Point in Havelock, North Carolina.......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Stocks Rise After Wall Street Hits New Highs09/21 12:50

    U.S. stocks were poised to open slightly higher, rising in tandem with markets from China to Germany, as they capped a week where investors looked past trade tensions and bet that the U.S. economy would sustain the rally. ......Search More News

  • [Technology]Twitch says it has been blocked in China - TechSpot09/21 12:40

    TechSpotTwitch says it has been blocked in ChinaTechSpotWhat just happened? Another major website has been banned in China. This time, it's live game streaming service Twitch that has been targeted by the country's censors. The Amazon-owned company's iOS app has disappeared from the local app store, and ...Twitch is now blocked in ChinaThe VergeChina blocks Twitch game-streaming serviceBBC NewsTwitch is reportedly blocked in ChinaEngadgetShacknews -Business Insider -TNW -RS-Tech (blog)all 59 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Moon to carry private message from Kim Jong Un to Trump09/21 12:30

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A beaming South Korean President Moon Jae-in, freshly returned home Thursday from a whirlwind three-day summit with Kim Jong Un, said the North Korean leader wants the U.S. secretary of state to visit Pyongyang soon for nuclear talks, and also hopes for a quick follow-up to his June summit with President Donald Trump.......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Receding trade fears help stocks hit six-month high09/21 11:50

    World shares hit their highest levels in more than six months on Friday as investors took the view that the latest exchange of tariffs between the United States and China may be less damaging than initially feared. ......Search More News

  • [Top Story]China tells US to withdraw Russia sanctions or 'bear the consequences' - 11:30 tells US to withdraw Russia sanctions or 'bear the consequences' Chinese government has called on the US to "correct the mistake" and withdraw new sanctions on the Chinese military over deals with Russia or "bear responsibility for the consequences". The Trump administration imposed sanctions on the Chinese ...US Hits Chinese Unit in New Phase of Sanctions on RussiaWall Street Journalall 1,183 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World]Militants kill three policemen in Kashmir - Livemint09/21 11:10

    LivemintMilitants kill three policemen in KashmirLivemintNew Delhi: Within weeks of terrorists abducting families of Jammu and Kashmir police personnel from their homes in south Kashmir, the Hizbul Mujahideen, on Friday morning, abducted and killed three personnel of the state police, senior security force ...Militants abduct three policemen, cop's brother in south Kashmir's ShopianGreater KashmirThree abducted policemen killed in KashmirDeccan Herald3 Kidnapped Jammu And Kashmir Cops Killed By Terrorists: UpdatesNDTVThe Hinduall 605 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World]Militants abduct three policemen, cop's brother in south Kashmir's Shopian - Greater Kashmir09/21 11:00

    Greater KashmirMilitants abduct three policemen, cop's brother in south Kashmir's ShopianGreater KashmirAn official said that the militants abducted three Special Police Officers (SPOs) and a civilian during raids in two villages of the district. Gulzar Bhat Shopian | Posted : Sep 21 2018 8:58AM | Updated: Sep 21 2018 9:17AM. Militants abduct three ...Three abducted policemen killed in KashmirDeccan Herald3 Kidnapped Jammu And Kashmir Cops Killed By Terrorists: UpdatesNDTVBodies of 3 abducted policemen found in Indian-controlled KashmirXinhuaThe Hinduall 596 news articles »......Search More News