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  • [World News]Erdogan Says Killing of Saudi Journalist Was Premeditated10/23 10:00

    Turkey’s President Erdogan said Saudi operatives planned and conducted the murder of a journalist in Istanbul three weeks ago, challenging the kingdom’s narrative that Jamal Khashoggi died in a brawl.......Search More News

  • [World News]The Latest: Erdogan says Saudis planned writer's murder10/23 10:00

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — The Latest on the killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi (all times local):......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Khashoggi murder 'planned days in advance" - Turkey's Erdogan10/23 09:50

    President Erdogan tells Turkish MPs there is evidence the Saudi critic was killed in "a savage way".......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Turkish President rejects Saudi explanation for death of journalist10/23 09:50

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  • [Business]European stocks fall to lowest levels since 2016; German Dax down 2% - CNBC10/23 09:50

    CNBCEuropean stocks fall to lowest levels since 2016; German Dax down 2%CNBCEuropean stocks were lower Tuesday morning, as diplomatic tensions in Saudi Arabia, concerns over Italy's Budget and ongoing Brexit talks all depressed market sentiment. The pan-European Stoxx 600 was down over 1.3 percent percent during early ...FTSE 100 falls to seven-month low as a 'thick blanket of risk' shrouds markets – business liveThe Guardianall 100 news articles »......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Turkey's Erdogan says there's strong evidence that the Khashoggi killing was planned - CNBC10/23 09:50

    CNBCTurkey's Erdogan says there's strong evidence that the Khashoggi killing was plannedCNBCTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that evidence shows that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was the victim of a "vicious, violent murder." "Whitewashing such barbarity will of course injure and wound the conscience of humanity," he told ...Turkey's president: Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's killing was a planned executionUSA TODAYTurkish president says he's about to reveal bombshell details of Khashoggi's killing 'in all its nakedness'Business InsiderThe Latest: Saudis expect $50B in deals at conferenceABC NewsThe Boston Globe -BBC News -Washington Post -New York Timesall 5,959 news articles »......Search More News

  • [World News]Erdogan Says a Saudi Team Planned Khashoggi’s Killing10/23 09:50

    Mr. Erdogan’s speech followed a series of carefully orchestrated leaks by Turkey that implicated the Saudi government in the death of Mr. Khashoggi.......Search More News

  • [World News]Saudi team arrived a day before Khashoggi's killing, consulate cameras removed, Erdogan says10/23 09:50

    A team of Saudi agents began arriving in Turkey the day before journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed, and cameras at the consulate were removed, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday. ......Search More News

  • [Business]Saudi to sign deals worth $50 billion in oil, gas and infrastructure10/23 09:50

    Saudi Arabia started signing deals worth more than $50 billion in sectors including oil, gas and infrastructure at an investment conference in Riyadh on Tuesday. ......Search More News

  • [World News]Turkey's Erdogan: Saudi Journalist Was 'Murdered'10/23 09:50

    Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saudi operatives planned and conducted the murder of a journalist in Istanbul three weeks ago, challenging the kingdom’s narrative that Jamal Khashoggi died in a brawl.......Search More News

  • [World News]CORRECTS: Saudi Arabia says officials at investment summit in Riyadh will be signing deals worth $50 billion10/23 09:41

    CORRECTS: Saudi Arabia says officials at investment summit in Riyadh will be signing deals worth $50 billion......Search More News

  • [Business]Saudi summit begins amid boycott10/23 09:41

    About 40 delegates are understood to have pulled out of the high-profile conference in Riyadh.......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Shares sink toward one-year low as bears bite again10/23 09:41

    An ugly start to European trading pushed world shares towards their lowest level in a year on Tuesday, as negative drivers from Saudi Arabia's diplomatic isolation to worries about Italy's finances and trade wars piled on the pressure. ......Search More News

  • [World News]Saud Arabia says officials at investment summit in Riyadh will be signing deals worth $50 billion10/23 09:30

    Saud Arabia says officials at investment summit in Riyadh will be signing deals worth $50 billion......Search More News

  • [World News]The Latest: Saudis expect $50B in deals at conference10/23 09:30

    Saudi Arabia says organizers will be signing deals worth $50 billion at the start of a major economic forum in Riyadh.......Search More News

  • [World News]Turkish president says Saudi officials planned murder of Saudi writer days before his death10/23 09:30

    Turkish president says Saudi officials planned murder of Saudi writer days before his death......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Saudi Arabia hopes OPEC and allies will ink new cooperation deal in December10/23 09:30

    Saudi Arabia hopes OPEC and other oil producers will sign a deal in December to extend cooperation to monitor and stabilize the oil market, said the kingdom's energy minister on Tuesday. ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Saudi Aramco to sign 15 deals worth more than $30 billion: state TV10/23 09:30

    Oil giant Saudi Aramco will sign 15 deals worth more than $30 billion, said Saudi state-owned TV Ekhbariya. ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Total to announce retail network in Saudi Arabia with Aramco: Total CEO10/23 09:30

    French oil and gas producer Total is set to announce a retail network in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco, Total's chief executive said on Tuesday. ......Search More News

  • [World News]Turkey's Erdogan to reveal 'naked truth' of Khashoggi murder10/23 09:20

    The Turkish president is expected today to announce details of his country's investigation into the killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, as scepticism intensified about Saudi Arabia's account that he died accidentally in its consulate in Istanbul. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he will "go into detail" about a case that has shocked the world and raised suspicions that a Saudi hit squad planned Khashoggi's killing after he walked into the consulate on Oct. 2, and then attempted to cover it up. Top Turkish officials have said Turkey would clarify exactly what happened to Khashoggi and a stream of leaks to national and international media has increased pressure on Saudi Arabia, which is hosting a investment conference this week that many dignitaries have decided to skip because of the scandal. After initially denying any knowledge of Khashoggi's fate, the kingdom gave a new story on Saturday, saying he died in a "fistfight." Gina Haspel, CIA chief, flew to Turkey last night, in a sign of panic from the Trump administration that ally Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be implicated. The timing of the controversy could not be worse for the crown prince as he prepares to host a key investment summit on Tuesday, overshadowed by big name cancellations. The Future Investment Initiative kicks off today and was intended to draw leading investors who could help underwrite heir-apparent Prince Mohammed's ambitious plans to revamp the economy. But the summit, nicknamed "Davos in the desert", has been overshadowed by growing global outrage over the murder of Khashoggi inside the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul. The chief executive of German industrial conglomerate Siemens Joe Kaeser was the latest among dozens of global executives to withdraw from the summit, hosted by the kingdom's sovereign wealth fund. Ministers from the United States, Britain and France, which have huge defence deals at stake with Saudi Arabia, have already pulled out of the summit. Corporate heads from JP Morgan to carmaker Ford and ride-hailing app Uber, as well as media powerhouses like Bloomberg, CNN and the Financial Times have all abandoned plans to attend. Organisers have taken down a list of speakers from its website and on Monday refused to confirm the number of attendees. And in a fresh setback, the forum's website went down on Monday after an apparent cyberattack. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Meanwhile, Turkish sources have kept up a steady stream of leaks from their investigation into how the journalist died casting further doubt on the Saudi version of events - that Khashoggi died after an argument spiralled into a brawl. Donald Trump said he was "not satisfied" with Riyadh's explanation of the death and world leaders are demanding answers. On Monday, CNN broadcast images showing a Saudi official playing a body double for Khashoggi, wearing the journalist's clothes, exiting the consulate. Jamal Khashoggi death | The unanswered questions Omer Celik, spokesman of Mr Erdogan's ruling party, said the killing "was planned in an extremely savage manner," and that "there has been a lot of effort to whitewash this". An Erdogan adviser, Yasin Aktay, wrote in the Yeni Safak daily that Riyadh's version of events "feels like our intelligence is being mocked". The security official heading a team of 15 Saudis allegedly sent to Istanbul, called the head of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's office, Bader al-Asaker, "four times after the murder", the adviser added. Abdulkadir Selvi, whose Hurriyet newspaper columns are closely watched for indications of Mr Erdogan's thinking, wrote that Khashoggi was slowly strangled to death before a Saudi forensic specialist cut his body into 15 pieces while listening to music. "We cannot close this file until the crown prince is brought to account and removed from his post," said Selvi. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, a smooth former envoy to Washington, appeared on Fox News Sunday to blame a "rogue operation" by individuals who "exceeded their responsibilities" and then "tried to cover up for it". On Tuesday he said the killing of a critic like Khashoggi is something that must "never happen again". Saudi Arabia's leadership will "see to it that the investigation is thorough and complete and that the truth is revealed and those responsible will be held to account", he told reporters. "And that mechanism and procedures are put in place to ensure that something like this can never happen again." What we know The saga surrounding the fate of Saudi Arabia’s best-known journalist has played out in claims and counterclaims published in the world’s media, as both Turkey and Riyadh struggle to control the narrative.  Since news of Mr Khashoggi’s disappearance broke, journalists have had to rely on carefully controlled releases of information from Turkey - a country which has in recent years muzzled its relative free press - and Saudi Arabia, which never enjoyed one to begin with. The singular fact that both countries can agree on is that Mr Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at 1.14pm on October 2, leaving his Turkish fiancee Hatice Cengiz waiting outside. Turkey gave Saudi Arabia a day to come up with an explanation, but Riyadh was not forthcoming. The kingdom offered the explanation that the journalist met with officials at the consulate and left shortly after, saying they noted nothing out of the ordinary. Ms Cengiz, who stood by the exit for more than four hours before raising the alarm, said that was impossible. Saudi’s response appeared not to be satisfactory for Turkey either, which was under mounting pressure to investigate an alleged state-ordered assassination on its soil. A series of leaks followed, including CCTV footage of Khashoggi entering the consulate, but not leaving.  Turkish officials alluded to a tape they had which they said revealed that the journalist was tortured and then killed. His body chopped into pieces and taken out of the embassy.  It implicated members of MBS's inner circle.  The kingdom was forced to respond, saying their own investigation found there was a "fistfight" between Khashoggi and some of the Saudi officials who entered the embassy. They were not there at the order of the crown prince and were to be fired and investigated.  Turkish officials have continued to leak damaging information in the hope of forcing Saudi to come clean. International reaction and diplomatic fallout There is a lot at risk here, with the incident threatening Turkey-Saudi relations, US-Turkey relations and perhaps most importantly Saudi-US relations. Ankara has under Erdogan jockeyed for influence in the region over Sunni powerhouse Saudi Arabia. The two have an alliance of convenience in conflicts in Syria and Yemen but partnership has always been uneasy. President Erdogan has until now been careful to distance himself from the reports, instead preferring to leak damning details to the press through confidantes. The US, a close and strategic ally of the bin Salman family, initially stayed silent as they weighed their response. Mr Trump appeared to open the door for Saudi rulers to distance themselves from the scandal but appearing to place the blame on “rogue assassinations”. Neither country is looking for a high-level diplomatic confrontation and both have strong incentives to agree a version of events that absolves Crown Prince Mohammed. A US-Saudi rift would likely send shockwaves around the world, destabilising oil markets and the global investment climate, not to mention dealing a blow to the Trump administration's own plans in the Middle East. Last week the president despatched Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, to Riyadh to smooth things over. But Mr Trump’s softly-softly approach has not be well-received at home.      ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Saudi Aramco CEO says bankers have not raised concerns about funding costs on SABIC deal10/23 09:10

    The chief executive of oil giant Saudi Aramco said on Tuesday that bankers had not expressed any concerns about a recent rise in Saudi funding costs ahead of the company's potential acquisition of a stake in petrochemical firm Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) . ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Saudi's PIF invested in 50-60 firms via SoftBank fund: director10/23 09:10

    The Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, has invested in 50 or 60 companies via SoftBank Group's Vision Fund and will bring most of those firms to the kingdom, managing director Yasir al-Rumayyan said on Tuesday. ......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Saudi Arabia's missing princes10/23 08:51

    In the last two years, three Saudi princes living in Europe have disappeared. All were critical of the Saudi government.......Search More News

  • [Top Story]Big names missing from 'Davos in the desert' after Khashoggi's death10/23 08:50

    Saudi Arabia's big investment conference starts Tuesday......Search More News

  • [World News]Turkey Adopts 'Drip-Drip' Tactic in Saudi Murder Case10/23 08:50

    Turkish authorities embraced a strategy to leak evidence slowly in the days after the killing of a dissident journalist as part of an effort to blunt the international standing of rival Saudi Arabia. ......Search More News

  • [Business]SoftBank CEO Cancels Speech at Saudi Conference10/23 08:40

    SoftBank Chief Executive Masayoshi Son became the highest profile executive to cancel a speaking engagement at a major investment conference in Saudi Arabia following the death of a journalist who was critical of the Kingdom’s royal family. ......Search More News

  • [World News]The Latest: Economic forum underway in Riyadh10/23 08:30

    A high-profile economic forum in Saudi Arabia has begun in Riyadh, the kingdom's first major event on the world stage since the killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul earlier this month......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Russian fund CEO says Saudi economic drive important for world10/23 08:30

    Saudi Arabia's economic transformation plan is important for the world, the chief executive of the Russian sovereign wealth fund Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said on Tuesday. ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Saudi sees deals worth billions at summit despite boycotts10/23 08:30

    Saudi Arabia brushed off an outcry over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and went ahead on Tuesday with an investment conference boycotted by Western political figures, leading international bankers and company executives. ......Search More News

  • [Headlines]Saudi to sign $50 billion in oil, gas, infrastructure deals: source10/23 08:30

    Saudi Arabia plans to sign deals worth more than $50 billion in the oil, gas, industries and infrastructure sectors at an investment conference in Riyadh on Tuesday, a source familiar with the matter said. ......Search More News